3 Awesome Apps For Your Next Business Trip

The past few years has seen a dramatic rise in the use of smartphones. It’s now next to impossible for a business professional to organize themselves without one. Smartphones do everything from helping us keep track of our daily schedule to giving last-minute flight details. Along with the increase in smartphone use, a flurry of business apps have been created that are ideal for traveling.

Here are 3 great mobile apps that are ideal for business travelers:

- FlightTrack: This app allows you to manage every aspect of your flight with real-time updates and maps. You can receive updates on gates, delays, weather conditions, and cancellations so you can book an alternate flight.

- BestParking: BestParking functions like a search engine by pointing you to the cheapest and most convenient parking spaces around you. This app is ideal for when traveling by car but is also helpful when trying to find airport parking.

- Expensify: This free app allows you to easily track all of your business expenses. Simply sync all of your credit and debit cards to Expensify, and the app will track each purchase you make. At the end of your trip, an easy-to-read and printable expense report will be generated for you.

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