How a Facebook Fan Page is Crucial for Your Business

We all know what Facebook is but many are unaware of what exactly a Fan Page is and how it can help their business. A Fan Page is a profile for a business or organization rather than for an individual. Many business owners think establishing a Fan Page is unnecessary since Facebook isn’t an online shop such as Amazon or eBay.

However, the relationships you build and establish on Facebook can benefit your business in countless ways. A Fan Page allows you to engage your clients, listen to their opinions, and increase sales. In fact, 50 percent of consumers believe a Fan Page is more useful than a website at times.

Here are just a few ways that a Facebook Fan Page is of crucial importance to your business:

- Drive traffic to your website: Facebook allows you to link to your website from your business’s Fan Page. By redirecting even a small number of your Facebook traffic to your website, you can significantly improve the amount of visitors to your site. These visitors have the potential to become future clients.

- It’s a free way of engaging with your community: Online relationships are more important than ever in the digital age. A Facebook Fan Page provides a free method for identifying and communicating with your customers online. Your customers can post to your Facebook Wall, share photos and video, and interact with you and others fans.

- Increase your sales by directly targeting your Facebook fans: Facebook essentially allows for free advertising of your products and services. By posting exclusive deals or coupons on your page, your fans will feel like they’re getting special treatment. You can also invite your fans to company events and keep track of who will be attending.

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