3 Awesome Online Tools For Your Next Business Meeting

Let’s face it, planning a successful work meeting can be tough and stressful. A variety of things can go wrong, such as participants arriving unprepared to discuss business or not showing up altogether. In fact, a major reason people say they don’t look forward to meetings is because of disorganization and poor planning.

Thankfully, with the rise of online applications, a number of tools for business meetings have been released that claim to make the process much easier. All too often though, these apps don’t follow through on their promises and it can be hard to determine which ones are worth investing your time and attention in.

Below are 3 online applications that are sure to help keep your next business meeting smooth and painless:
1. Hipchat: Company meetings can be a problem when people are spread out in different locations. Hipchat allows users to create and participate in chat rooms and send one-on-one messages with other people in a group-centric format. Other features include searchable chat history, image sharing, file uploading, and SMS messaging for one-on-one conversations.

2. IDoneThis: This app is great for individuals and teams. IDoneThis enables you to effortlessly keep track of what you’ve done and how productive you’ve been. At the end of each day, iDoneThis sends you an email asking you what you’ve accomplished. With groups, the tool is designed to assist team members of any size to communicate what they’ve been working on and track one another’s progress.

3. Doodle: This tool functions as a calendar that you can keep saved on your phone or computer, and it will save any dates and information for you. Doodle is easy to use and can be utilized for personal or professional needs. Simply record your events in Doodle and you’ll never miss an important date or meeting.

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