3 Must-Have Features That Every Business Card Needs

According to this infographic, over 27 million business cards are printed each day. Although much business today is conducted online, a well-designed business card can be crucial to gaining new leads and making connections. Since a business card may be the first thing a potential client may see, it’s important to make a strong and lasting impression.

Here are 3 must-have features that every business card should have:

  •  Tagline: A catchy and memorable tagline will ensure that people know what you do and remember who you are. You don’t necessarily have to think outside of the box for this one. Your tagline should represent your personality and what industry you’re affiliated with. You can also utilize the back of the card, which is often left blank, to feature your tagline.
  • Contact Info: This may seem like a no-brainer but many people ignore the importance of this simple step. Make sure your contact information (phone number, address, website, and email) are easy-to-read and in a prominent space on your card. Be sure to include logos for any social media accounts you may have as well (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp).
  • Logo or Visual: People think and see in pictures. A nicely designed logo or personal photo will grab the viewer’s attention and keep them interested. If you work for a specific company, you may want to incorporate their colors into the text or background.


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